Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Editor's Note: A short break from the news

Your intrepid editor had a couple of major projects in real life, and also had made a pledge not to comment on the school system news, so there was little to report in the last couple of weeks. I am on a trip to Italy with my mother until Nov. 15, but when I return, these are the stories you'll be able to read at the News from Hoover:

Cable television competition comes to Hoover. AT&T is negotiating with several cities, including Hoover, to offer cable TV. The City Council has authorized the Mayor to negotiate a franchise agreement. Competition is good.

Tourism and visitors add lots of dollars to Hoover's bottom line. Since we are so dependent on sales tax, it benefits the city for people to visit, buy things and pay sales tax. But did you know that tourists are only a small part of the picture. Sporting event attendees and business meetings bring a great deal of revenue to the city.

Hoover's curbside recycling service helps our residents participate in environmental action. I will follow the path of the recyclables to let you know what happens to them.

If you would like, check out my travel blog about my Italy trip.

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