Monday, August 13, 2007

Unincorporated Industrial Site on Highway 150 surrounded by Hoover, could have big impact

A vestige of west Jefferson’s mining past, about four acres on Highway 150 were recently advertised for sale as industrially-zoned property. (The property is actually zoned I-3, rather than M - 3 as the sign states.) It is an island of unincorporated Jefferson County within Hoover, located at the corner of Scenic View Trace and Highway 150, across from Hoover Toyota and next to condominiums, offices and a cemetery. Click here for Google Maps and aerial photo.

According to the Jefferson County Zoning Ordinance, most commercial and industrial uses, as well as timbering and mining, are permitted on I-3 property. (You can obtain a PDF version of the zoning ordinance here.)

This zone allows C-1 uses, which include:
  • service stations
  • mini-warehouses
  • motels
  • shopping centers
  • other retail uses.
A conditional use would allow fireworks sales.

I-3 also allows any uses in the I-1 Light Industrial Zone, which include
  • manufacturing
  • heavy equipment sales
  • truck terminals
  • lumberyards.
This zone does not permit excessive noise or dust, storage of explosives, or outside storage. (But higher industrial zones do.)

I-3 also allows any use permitted in an I-2 Heavy Industrial District. These permitted uses include
  • cement plants
  • iron and steel mills
  • sawmills
  • other heavy industrial manufacturing uses

The I-3 Industrial District allows, in addition to the above uses,
  • subsurface and underground mining
  • logging
  • construction of any necessary transportation or other facilities
  • dumping of spoil and tailings
Jefferson County zoning maps from 1948 show the entire north half of the section zoned I-3. It was originally owned by U.S. Steel Corporation, and was sold minus mineral rights in December 1972 to an individual. Over the years, it was re-sold to various individuals and groups, who sold off portions of the property. The remaining parcel was last sold in 1979 to the current owner.

Editor’s Note: I have not yet called the real estate agent to ask about the sale of this property, but when I do I will do a followup story.

It is important to note that this parcel is not in Hoover, and so whatever would go on the property is regulated by the Jefferson County Commission. None of Hoovers’ zoning, landscaping, sign or other regulations would be applicable.

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